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    LOOK AT THIS AMAZEBALLS POSTER we commissioned from Rachel Blier, artist extraordinaire.

    I told her about our bi-monthly Ladies’ Night and she came back with the Lady Knight concept! Thank you, Rachel, and everyone follow her to see cool art: http://rachelblier.tumblr.com/

    Come to Ladies’ Night, this Sunday, from 6-9pm, for funsies and le bon temps:https://www.facebook.com/events/639167509495715/


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    Ladies of the MCU + Misogyny

    "Whatever women do, they must do twice as well as men to be thought half as good. Luckily, this is not difficult." - Charlotte Whitton


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    Pin-Up Superheroines Take Over DC Comic Covers This June
    Artist Ant Luscia’s popular pin-up inspired “DC Bombshells” are being featured with their own run of comic book covers. The women of DC will be featured as variant covers for a number of DC’s most popular titles this June.

    Superman/Wonder Woman #9 variant cover by Emanuela Lupacchino with colors by Fabio Mantovani.

    Source: http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/pin-up-superheroines-take-over-dc-comic-covers-this-june

    I love these!!!

    I don’t think I’ve seen the ones for Kate and Lois before. 

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  4. Avengers Assemble #11

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    Robin 148 (2006)

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    it’s so beautiful


    Look! I drew Chip Zdarsky wearing a Garfield costume, too!

    I’m pretty sure I had this dream the other night.


  8. Anonymous said: I'm kinda new to reading comics, and something's really bugging me. It's about spiderman. There are like 900 freakin titles that has spiderman on it. my question is: what's the difference between superior spiderman, and the essential amazing spider man, and the ultimate spider man and the amazing spiderman and everything else that is spiderman? really sorry for bothering you, mate


    Aaaaaaah oh dear.

    The problem is that Spider-man is super popular and super marketable, which I get isn’t actually a problem per se, but it does lead to a LOT of Spider-man comics.

    So, a quick rundown of recent Spider Events:

    Amazing, Superior, Superior Team-Up, Superior Foes, and back around to Amazing

    1. Amazing Spider-man ended when Otto killed Peter and possessed his body (I know) a little over two years ago, I think.
    2. The Superior Spider-man title took over for the Amazing Spider-man title, featuring Otto as Spider-man, with Peter presumed dead.
    3. Also Superior Spider-man Team Up, featuring Otto as Spider-man snarking at various other Marvel properties.
    4. Also Superior Foes of Spider-man which has no actual Spider-man in it, it’s all about his C-list enemies trying to get their shit together. It’s really funny though.
    5. Amazing Spider-man didn’t actually end, because like a year into the Superior Spider-man run, they started doing little side issues of Amazing, just to remind people hey, Peter Parker exists, because that’s totally something we would forget. These were numbered outside of continuity.
    6. Superior Spider-man DID end with Otto sacrificing himself to allow Peter to retake his body (I know) and now we’re back to Amazing Spider-man and like, this week only, there are eight million Amazing comics (okay, there’s two, maybe three) because PETER’S BACK. I believe we are thus renumbering Amazing starting with #1 but I could be wrong, I haven’t looked closely at this week’s comics.
    7. Somewhere in here there was an Avenging Spider-man but I haven’t seen it in months so I think it got cancelled. Keep your eyes peeled, it may come back!


    Ultimate (Peter), Ultimate (Miles), Ultimates, Miles Morales: Ultimate.

    All of the Ultimate titles are part of a separate imprint set in a different universe (3490, I believe). They have no bearing (or very little; occasionally they cross paths) with the 616 universe above.

    1. Ultimate Comics: Spider-man begins with Peter Parker, but two years ago Peter was killed, and in Ultimates, death is forever.
    2. Miles Morales, his spiritual successor, took over Ultimate Comics: Spider-man and has been Spider-man ever since.
    3. They just basically shut down 99% of the Ultimate universe, and now only a few titles remain. One of those is “Ultimates”, which just started up and features the adventures of Miles and his superhero friends.
    4. Because the Ultimates universe is rebooting, there is a new run, Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-man, which just started this week at #1.

    You asked about “Essential Amazing” and that I’m not aware of but it sounds like it’s probably a trade paperback featuring highlights of the Amazing Spider-man run from before Superior. I can’t help much there, but I hope the above is helpful.