1. Never trust anyone who doesn’t like Catman.

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  2. So, that happened.


  3. Duck Face practice.


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    Wreaked some havoc. Now I have the Doctors and the Crazy 88s after me. Sigh.

    SO EPIC!

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  5. Fantom Comics now has an official TUMBLR, courtesy of blerdgirlchronicles and her sister! Thanks, Raven and Allison!

    FIND IT HERE: fantomcomics.tumblr.com

    We’ll be posting there in the future, so please follow us and see what crazy shenanigans the Fantom crew gets up to in 2014. 


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    Devil’s Advocate us a great name for a sidekick. He pops up in Gender studies 101 classes and argues with the professor.

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  7. Truthfully? My first reaction is to say I don’t care what people think. If women are making comics and buying comics and reading comics and loving comics and talking about comics, I really don’t need further validation from people who are unaware. I don’t feel like that point needs to be proven. It’s like all those people who come down on every girl who says she’s a geek, or into geek culture. It’s like it’s not enough to be a geek, you have to PROVE you’re a geek to strangers whose opinions don’t matter anyway.

    But on the other hand, unfortunately, lack of awareness of female readers sometimes affects the material that gets greenlighted and published, because it leads to an invisible, voiceless audience. And a voiceless audience can be more easily ignored.

    I think the path we are on is the correct one. Be vocal, be visible, not to ‘prove’ anything, not for the skeptics, they don’t matter. But visibility does make a difference and that is something worth having.

    — From my question to Gail Simone. ;) BEST. ANSWER. EVER. That is all. :)

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  8. theimancameron asked: Do you have a favourite Gail Simone story?



    No. Nor do I have a favorite Cary Bates story, or a favorite Archie Goodwin story or a favorite Neil Gaiman story — I like a ton of stuff they’ve written, but it’s enough for me to like it, I don’t need to sort and rank it.

    But if you’re looking for a recommendation, the first arc of her RED SONJA series is damn good stuff, well worth checking out.

    Thanks, Kurt! I thought you might say the time we went out for Chinese food!

    Ahahahahahahaha! This entire exchange is kinda the best. And darn skippy, y’all should be reading Gail Simone’s Red Sonja!


  9. clumpoftrees:

    Looks like it’s official! My new series SKINNED is coming out through monkeybraincomics

    The series is co-written with Tim Daniel, art by Joshua Gowdy, and letters by Matthew Meylikhov. We couldn’t be happier with MonkeyBrain taking a chance on this ambitious series, and look forward to finally sharing it with readers. 

    "At its core, the series is about two star-crossed lovers living in an archaic future city that believe reality is a disease. Separated by a societal caste system, an heiress and a boy from the slums manage to find each other in a city that has given its citizens the ability to choose from a multitude of realities via ocular lenses. Their struggle: Never losing site of each other in this ever changing landscape."

    You can pre-order here. Issue #1 will be available on 4/16. 

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    Dustin Nguyen - Batman 

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